Riley Brown was my high school friend and also the closest amongst my friends. We shared and had things in common, had admission to the same university, she was literally my best friend till I met Gregory. Riley was Michael’s girlfriend in High school and the bond between the two could easily tell that the lovebirds were obviously not ready to give up on each other anytime soon.

While the two teased and convinced me to get a spouse, Gregory came into the scene and got my attention off Riley. Suddenly, her behavior changed towards me and failed to check up on me normally as she does. I told Greg about Riley acting cold towards me and he encouraged that I meet her in person after lectures and have a talk with her. “Riley, Riley…can you kindly stop and hear what I have to say?”. I tried stopping Riley when I realized she was done with her lesson and had quickly rushed to catch up with her. She ignored my attempts in getting her attention and this left me feeling weird.

Tears dripped down my cheeks and I tried every means, going against all odds to settle cases amicably with my best friend but to no avail. I informed Gregory about Riley’s sudden attitude and he advised I move on with him and my studies.

Graduation was just was also overwhelming getting a doctorate degree after all the ‘study-battles’ in the relationship and I couldn’t wait to be called ‘Mrs. Smith’ after few years of being a professional doctor! ‘Dr. Leneece Smith’, I happily self-talked. Although my mum realized my relationship with Riley grew colder, I was not perturbed and only focused on graduating in peace with my fiancé.

After graduation, I successfully passed out as a doctor and Greg, a professional computer engineer. I must admit I was the happiest girlfriend on earth with an intelligent and “loving” fiancé. I never heard from Riley and her boyfriend; I didn’t bother about the affairs of the two anymore till I met Michael at a cafeteria and we exchanged contacts. Prior to Greg and I, our wedding, we got in touch often; Riley broke up with him after getting a new love and had survived with the ‘heartbreak’ until our encounter at the cafe.

One unfortunate night, I got the shock of my life! I was on the phone with Michael and few minutes into our conversation, he revealed that Riley dated Greg too while we schooled and that was another event that led to their separation. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was stunned and got angry on the spot. “You need to calm down, just relax and don’t let him know. Just be observant’. As Michael said this, I hanged up the call and quickly rushed to my room and locked myself up…. I cried bitterly and got a flashback on memories with Riley’s attitude towards me and the utmost trust we shared.

Days and weeks passed and Greg wasn’t calling to check up on me. I confronted him one day on the issue of dating Riley and he kept blushing it off with flimsy excuses. He either yells at me anytime I bring it up or seizes my phone after any arguments with him. Greg began treating me cold and convinced me to avoid getting in touch with Michael or I lose him. Life was unbearable for me living with my own fiancé under his roof. Surprisingly, my family thought all was well with us because wedding cards were already out! Hmm!

A day to our wedding, I woke up to see a note from Greg on my bed informing me he had set off to work at Lagos. Well, I didn’t mind but felt something was not going right. I noticed the room was quite empty, I tried to figure out what could actually be wrong in my own way but it was to no avail. I decided to pick up my phone and do some ‘social media chatting’ since I had an appointment at the hospital in the evening.

I opened my Facebook handle only to see congratulatory messages on Gregory’s page. I had just wish I had gone mad when I saw wedding photos of him and Riley!

I screamed, I just wanted someone around so I could collapse without hitting my head against anything. Hmm life is interesting!

Greg had my trust broken into pieces, my heart bled and I was never ready to forgive the two. I cried my heart out! I trusted Gregory with my dignity and everything I had.



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